Tired Of Paying Someone Else $97
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Want To Create eBook Covers Yourself
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"If You Have A Few Minutes
 I Can Show You How To
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Yourself, The Easy Way,
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'System' Anyone Can Use!"

"I'll Teach You Everything I Know
About Creating Amazing Looking eCovers
 & Give You All The Tools I Personally Use
To Create $97 Covers For My Clients!

You'll be able to create covers
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My friends are telling me I'm crazy, and that I'm giving away too much... but I don't care.

I've come to a point in my eCover design business where I'm getting more clients than I can handle. I'm simply filled-to-the-brim with work.

So, I don't really care if I create new competition after I release this package.  I don't care if some of my clients stop paying me $97 per cover and start creating their own covers.

I already have more work than I can handle, so...

I decided to tell anyone who's interested exactly how I create all my covers.  I decided to spill the beans, and tell you everything I know about creating the best looking covers, in the fastest and easiest way.

So, if you ever wanted to learn how to create your own eCovers just like the pros, now is the perfect time. Because, in the next few minutes I'm going to teach you ALL my eCover design "secrets" and "tricks of the trade".

And just to let you know straight off the bat, this is NOT like anything you've seen before...

No I don't use any special eCover generating software.
No I don't create my covers from templates.
No I don't create my covers entirely by hand. I used to, but not any more.

Instead, I have my own "system" for creating amazing looking covers the easy and fast way. In fact, I used to struggle for over two hours just to create one cover. Now, I create covers with ease, in minutes, AND they look better than ever. 

And I'll share this simple "system" with you.

Read these rave reviews from people already using my system...

"Direct competitor
raves about my system"

Case Study #1: Andy Eaton

Andy runs his own eCover design service, so he is one of my direct competitors.  Listen to what he has to say about my system...

"Hi Max,

Being one of your direct competitors, I've always been thoroughly impressed with your work. Ever since I started my own eCover business, I've always looked to you for inspiration. I just love all the designs you do for your clients, they look very professional.

I have tried just about every 'do-it-yourself' eCover package on the market today, but when I found out you were releasing your own 'system', I just had to get it instantly.

After reviewing your entire package, all I can say is WOW!!! You have done an amazing job.

Your whole system is 20 times easier to use than anything else out there. And it has done wonders for me.

I can now create covers in much less time, and the quality of my designs improved DRAMATICALLY. I've actually raised my prices and I'm now getting more clients than ever before.

All I can say is I will be forever grateful to you and your eCover 'system'.

If anybody has doubts about creating eCovers, or whether Max's package is the best around, I can honestly tell you that you won’t regret getting this awesome and I mean awesome package.

I wish I had this when I first got started in the eCover design business.

Thanks Max,"

Andy Eaton

Side Note:

Here are some covers Andy designed for his clients using my 'system'.

If another eCover designer pro had these kinds of results with my system, imagine the kind of results YOU will have...

Here is another case study. This time, it's from an ordinary person with little design experience...

"Ordinary person with little design experience
raves about my system"

Case Study #2: Chad Nelson

Chad is just a regular guy with basic Photoshop knowledge.  He has never designed an eCover before.  Listen to what he has to say about my system...

"Dear Max:

I want to thank you for putting together such a wonderful, time saving collection. This is a great way to make e-Book covers without all the hassles.

I needed over 100 e-book covers, and if I had hired someone to design them, it would have cost us thousands. Instead, I bought your eCover design package, and created all of the covers myself. And they all look great. I couldn't be happier. You saved me some serious time AND money!”

Chad Nelson

Side Note:

Here are just 8 of the 100+ covers Chad created by himself using my 'system'. Don't these covers look good?  Looks a like a pro designed them.  But it wasn't a pro, Chad did all these covers himself, without any prior eCover design experience.  Not bad for a first time. Not bad at all.

I have dozens of other success stories just like the 2 above.  And I can teach you how to create the same quality covers yourself.

Why You Should Trust What I Say:

Who am I to talk about designing eBook covers?  What are my credentials? 

Hi.  My name is Max Rylski.  I've been designing 3D eCover graphics for the past 2 years online.  In these 2 years, I've worked with 100's of clients (some of whom are well know and highly respected Internet Marketers) and created 100's of designs.  Just check out some testimonials and design examples of some of my most recent work.  These testimonials and design examples should give you an idea of the quality of work I do.  And, most importantly, I can teach you how to design the same quality eCovers yourself.

To read what people say about my eCover design service, click here.
(link will open in a new window)

To see some examples of my most recent eCover graphics, click here.
(link will open in a new window)

I'll let the quality of my work speak for itself.  Take a look at the eCover examples above. Notice how crisp and crystal clear each eCover design is. Notice the amount of detail in each design. Notice how professional each cover looks.

You want your eCovers to look good right?  You want your eCovers to be high quality, sharp, professional looking, right?

Just look at the quality of the covers I create with my action scripts.  YOU can create similar covers.  Your covers can look just as good as these examples.  I'll show you exactly how to create these covers step-by-step.

I've spent 100's of hours perfecting the art of eCover design, and now I've boiled it all down into an easy to follow system...

Just like you, I didn't know what I was doing when I first started creating eCovers 2 years ago.  I had to learn everything myself, the hard way.  I learned by going through 100's of free online tutorials, and trying different things myself...just playing around with Photoshop. 

I spent 100's of hours doing this. 

That's 100's of hours specifically on eCover designs.  Learning what layouts are the best, what colors are the best, where to put everything, what little touches to add to make the cover look better, etc.. 

I've been perfecting the little details for hours, to improve and fine tune my skills to the point they are at today.  Now, I know exactly what designs look best, and how to create those designs using Photoshop in the fastest, and most efficient way possible.

Let me show you how my design skills improved over the years...

Take a look at some of my very first work (the below work is when I first got started creating eCovers 2 years ago).

Stage 1:

Now, here is some work I did a few months after I had some more practice...

Stage 2:

Another few months later and my work is getting better...

Stage 3:

Now, let's fast forward to today...

Current stage:

Do you see the gradual improvement in quality from stage 1 to current stage?  The covers in the the current stage look MUCH better than the covers in the previous stages, don't they?  It's hard to believe that all these covers were created by the same person.  But it's true, I created all of the above covers.

And, let me tell you something, I didn't go from stage 1 to the current stage in a day.  Not even a week.  No, not a month either.  It took me 2 years of practice and actually doing 100's of designs for my clients to improve my skills to the stage they are at today.

BUT, and this is a big BUT, I had nothing and no one to guide me in improving my design skills.  Like I said earlier, I learned everything myself, from trial and error.

AND, the good news for you is that I'm now going to share everything I've learned in these past 2 years with you. Introducing....

Max's Amazing
1 Click Covers Package
(Version 2)

This package is unlike anything
you've ever seen before.

Other packages only do one thing, and that's compile your cover from 2D into 3D.

But compiling your cover into 3D is only half the work.  What about creating the 2D flat cover in the first place?  How do you do THAT?

Nobody is teaching that part of the eCover design process... until now that is...  I will teach you how to create that 2D flat cover from scratch, step-by-step.  And after you know how to create that 2D cover, I will also give you all my action scripts and teach you how to compile that cover from 2D into 3D with just 1 click.

Other packages come with poor instructions.

Some of my clients actually told me that they bought another eCover design "package", but couldn't figure out how to use it, because the instructions were really confusing.

With that in mind, I made sure that my package has the easiest and most thorough instructions out there.  I made everything so easy, anyone can get started right away - even if you don't have any previous design experience.

Other packages don't teach you the principles of eCover design. 

What is it that makes a cover look good?  What colors are the best?  What are the best fonts?  How do you put it all together?  What are the shortcuts to creating a great looking cover in the fastest time possible?

Nobody is teaching this stuff.  They just give you a software program, and you're on your own.  Well, not anymore.  I'll teach you exactly what makes a cover look good, AND I'll show you exactly how to do it step-by-step.

My package will do all that for you, plus much, much more.  To be blunt, what I've put together for you here is the biggest, most in depth, most easy to use, and highest quality eCover design package out there....... by far.  It's the grand daddy of all do-it-yourself eCover design "solutions".

"You’re crazy for releasing this package!"

"Hey Max,

First of all, I think you’re crazy for releasing this package!

Secondly, you’re brilliant, because you’re doing a great thing for others, where they’ll be able to save a LOT of money, while creating really professional eCovers for themselves.

I’ve bought other eCover software that’s out there, and quite frankly, IT SUCKS!

The covers those software create seem like a 2 year old did them,
admit it, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Your package is so different.  The covers I was able to create using your package look amazing.  Honestly, yours is the best eCover design package I've ever seen.

Time and time again I’ve come to you for my covers, and now I’m able to do them myself.

Thanks Max! "

~~Carlos Garcia
“Wealthy Secrets” Founder

With that in mind, let's take a look at all of the components of this package...

Exactly what you get in this amazing,
one-of-a-kind package.

This is a complete "system" that will take you from a complete newbie to eCover design expert in a really short time.  With this package you get everything you need to start making top notch professional eCovers. 

Let me tell you exactly what you get:

1. eCover Design Crash Course.  Two years worth of design experience, boiled down into a 46 page crash course on the principles of effective eCover design.  These are the underlining design principles you can apply to ANY eCover design, no matter what graphics program you use.

2. Step-by-step easy to follow tutorials.  Interactive flash tutorials that take you through the eCover design process step-by-step using Adobe Photoshop.  If you didn't know how to use Adobe Photoshop to design your own cover graphics, now you will.  I take you through the whole process step-by-step, from start to finish.  * Important: These tutorial are based on Adobe Photoshop.  So, you'll need Adobe Photoshop to do what I do in these tutorials.

3. eCover Action Scripts that compile your 2D cover into a 3D cover with just 1 click.  These are the exact same action scripts I use to create covers for all my clients.  They're 100% original, and not available anywhere else.  In fact, this is the first time I ever shared these action scripts with anyone.  * Important: These action scripts require Adobe Photoshop 6 or higher.

Important: As I mentioned above, you'll need Adobe Photoshop 6 or higher  to use most of the components of this package.  That means you need Photoshop 6, 7, CS, or CS2.  If you already have Adobe Photoshop 6 or higher, great, you're all set.  If you don't, I'll later show you where you can get a free trial copy of the latest version of Photoshop.  So even if you don't have Photoshop on your computer, you can still take advantage of this powerful system.

With that in mind, let's look at each component in more detail...

1. eCover Design Crash Course:

46 pages packed with 2 years and 100's of hours worth of eCover design experience.  In the crash course I'll tell you precisely what makes an eCover look good.  I'll tell you everything you need to know to create a top notch professional cover from scratch.  This no fluff crash course is packed full of only the best advice...literally 100's of hours of experience packed into 46 pages.  Inside this crash course you'll learn things like...

How to make the eCover design process as simple as possible. No more sitting there for hours with "designer's block", struggling, just to have a poor design hours later.  Instead, you will get to work ASAP knowing exactly what has to be done and in which order, and will have a beautiful cover done minutes later.

Exactly where I get all of my royalty free photos.  I'm talking about crystal clear, high resolution, professional images for ANY theme... 100,000's of royalty free images to choose from.  Many designers keep this "secret" source to themselves...I'll reveal it to you.

Exactly how to make the text on your cover look sharp and easy to read.  No more blurry and unreadable text.

The best fonts to use.  After 2 years of going through hundreds of different fonts, I came up with my core set of best looking fonts.  I'll tell you what they are.

How to make the text on your eCover more "interesting".  Instead of using plain boring text, add these simple effects to your text to make it pop, AND make it easier to read.  I show you exactly how to do it.

Best eCover layouts.  What makes a good eCover layout.  Actual examples of my favorite layouts.  Just follow the layout and add your own title, sub-title, and image in the places I show you, and your cover is 80% done.

Another simple way to make the text sharp and easy to read using specific colors.

The best color combinations.  Stuck for the right color scheme?  I'll give you 84 of my favorite color combinations.

How to add little touches to take your cover to the next level.  Sometimes a cover just doesn't "feel" right.  What do you do?  You add some little touches to it.  I show you how.  One specific little touch takes under a minute to add, and literally transforms a mediocre cover, into a great looking cover, right before your eyes.  It's so simple, yet 90% of the eCovers online don't use this technique at all.

How to jump start the creative process, and fill your brain with tons of design ideas that you can implement into your cover right away.  No more sitting there for hours trying to come up with the right "look".

Exactly how you should go about creating your covers, step-by-step.  Where to start, what to do next, and next, and next, etc..  Everything is laid out for you in an easy to follow, step-by-step system.  Just follow the system, and you'll have a great looking cover every time.

And much, much more... 

"You really haven’t held anything back."


I just finished reading your eCover design crash course, and all I can say is WOW!  You really haven’t held anything back... I can't believe you're revealing so much.

So many powerful tips my head is still spinning.  In fact, I've picked up more design ideas from this crash course in 5 minutes, than I did for a whole year trying to figure things out myself. 

For anyone reading this, grab this package now, it’s the only eCover package you will ever need.  Just this crash course alone is EASILY worth 5 times more than any other eCover generating software out there.

Dale Odeyemi

2. Step-by-step, easy to follow tutorials:

The Crash Course that I described above will teach you what to do, and these tutorials will teach you how to do it.

In these tutorials I start with a blank canvas, and create a professional looking cover from scratch.  I show you EVERYTHING you need to do to create your own stunning looking covers.  I explain the whole process in detail.  It's like actually being there with me, looking over my shoulder, as I take you through the whole process step-by-step.

In these tutorials you will learn...

How to load the action scripts into Photoshop.

How to create a basic 2D cover template using the action scripts.

How to turn a 2D cover into 3D with 1 click.

How to add an image to your cover, and how to manipulate that image (resize, rotate, move, etc..)

How to add text to the cover, and how to manipulate that text.
(resize, rotate, move, etc..)

How to change the colors of text/images.

How to add finishing touches that take your cover to the next level.

How to optimize and save the image for web so that it looks sharp AND loads fast.

And much more....  Basically, you learn how to do EVERY step of the eCover design process.  Everything is broken down into simple steps and in simple language anyone can understand.  If you never knew how to use Photoshop before to create your own covers, now you will. 

"This was the easiest thing I've ever seen"

"After trying the tutorials for the first time, all I can say is this was the easiest thing I've ever seen. Within two minutes I had turned a 2D image into a 3D eBook cover! I was even able to add a reflection with the click of a button.

Anyone can create professional eBook, Newsletter, or DVD covers in a snap with no previous skills or experience. This will save me time and money and give me the freedom to create professional covers on the fly.

Thanks Max. This dwarfs the competition!"

Jennifer Roche

3. Photoshop action scripts.

Over 50 Magical eCover action scripts that transform your 2D flat cover into a photo realistic 3D cover with just 1 click.  This is the fastest, AND most effective way to compile a cover into 3D.  Think about it...what could be easier than 1 click?

This package has 42 single cover actions scripts, and 16 "bundle" action scripts. The bundle actions create sets of multiple covers, also with just one click.

This is how these action scripts work:

You start with a blank 2D canvas.
You fill up the blank canvas with your own "content" (text, graphics, etc.) This, is your 2D eCover.
You press "Compile"
The 2D eCover get's transformed before your eyes into a 3D eCover.  (All it takes is one click)

That's it, in a nutshell. There are some additional buttons you can press that add some little touches to the eCover. For example, most of the scripts also come with a "Reflection" button. Just press the button, and your eCover get's a reflection.

You have your 3D eCover.
You press "Reflection"
The 3D eCover get's a reflection.

And just to let you know...

These are my personal eCover actions scripts...the exact same ones I use to create the eCovers for my clients who pay me up to $97 per eCover design.  These action scripts are 100% original and NOT available anywhere else.  You might have seen similar action scripts on some other website...they are NOT the same as mine.  Just listen to what some people have to say about my action scripts...

"Your action scripts are the best by far."


Why don’t you just be honest and straight up with everyone. Stop being so nice and say the truth - that your action scripts are 10 times better than anything else out there. I’ve seen the competition, and I gotta tell you, there is NO competition – your action scripts are the best by far.

Honestly, these action scripts create the best looking covers I've ever seen.  And they're so easy to use.

I'm impressed.

Great Job Max!"

-Dima Sorokine

The 42 different eCovers
you can create with 1 click.

Like I said, you get 42 "single" action scripts that will transform your flat 2D cover into a realistic looking 3D cover with just 1 click.  With these action scripts you can create 42 different eCovers, for pretty much every product type:

Box Covers:

Ebook Covers:

Reports, Ezines and Cards:

DVDs and CDs:


The 16 different "Bundle Sets"
you can create with 1 click.

This is what makes this package very unique. I don't think you can get these bundle action scripts anywhere else. No other eCover software has this. (At least to my knowledge)

With these actions you can create sets of multiple covers, all with just one click. So if say you have a set of 12 ebooks, or 10 CDs, you can create those sets easily, just like with the single cover action scripts.

Imagine creating a set of 12 eBooks by hand.  How much time would that take you?  Now you can do it with 1 click.

And what's really cool about these bundle actions scripts, is you can choose how many eCovers you want in each set, usually from 1 to 12. Plus, you can easily combine different sets with each other and create really unique bundle sets of say 8 ebooks, 5 CDs, 3 reports, etc.. It's very flexible and there are hundreds of different bundle combinations you can create.

Here sre the different bundle action scripts and some samples of different amounts of eCovers you can have in each set (again, you can choose from different number of covers in each set, usually 1-12. So this is just a small sample of what you can do.)

Bundle of ebooks 1: 

Bundle of ebooks 2: 

Bundle of ebooks 3:

Bundle of Boxes 1:

Bundle of Boxes 2:

Bundle of DVDs 1:

Bundle of DVDs 2:

Ezine Fan 1:

Ezine Fan 2:

Bundle of Reports 1:

Bundle of Reports 2:

Bundle of Reports 3:

Bundle of CD Cases:

CD Fan 1:

CD Fan 2:

CD Fan 3:


Create even bigger "bundles".

Like I already mentioned, you can combine single covers with bundle covers, and move them around and position them to create "big package" graphics. This is also very easy to do, and takes only a few minutes. Here are some samples.

All of the above graphics were created with the 1 Click Covers action scripts. And you can do the same with this package, and again in just a few minutes.

"The best set of actions to create virtual covers ANYWHERE!"

"For years I've been trying to figure out exactly how to make these virtual covers, the ones you see on everyone's sites.

I struggled trying to find tutorials on the net (places you'd never expect to find), I tried reverse engineering how they were done and I ended up spending hours on end without an answer.

I could NEVER figure out how to make the text look right or the perspective look right.

Max asked me to have a look at his package of Photoshop actions and after using them I knew hands down that these were the best set of actions to create virtual covers ANYWHERE!

Listen, I'm an expert Photoshop user and it took me all of 2 minutes to create ebook covers, dvd cases, software boxes that looked absolutely amazing.

The best part is that you can do the exact same thing even if you've never opened up the program in your life!

I'm not kidding, a few clicks and you're done. Its that easy.

And the quality? Well it speaks for itself.

I very rarely give testimonials, although I'm asked almost daily, mostly because I don't think the products are worth it.

Max's actions ARE worth it. If you're sick and tired of relying on someone else to create every cover for you, and you can click a few buttons in Photoshop then you too can create some kick butt virtual covers.

Give it a try and I promise you will love them as much as I do."

Dave Mizrachi

Okay, now I told you exactly what's in the package.  And as you can see, this is one HUGE package.  But I'm not done yet.  I haven't even mentioned the bonuses you get...

Let me pile on even more value with these
Three Super Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Max's eCover Graphics Swipe File

Over a 100 of my favorite eCovers.
This eCover graphics swipe file is a collection of the top eCover designs which you can use for inspiration when you're stuck for ideas.  Use this swipe file to brainstorm ideas for the best layouts to use, best colors to use, what kind of image to use, etc..  With this swipe file,  you'll never be stuck for design ideas.

Bonus #2: Max's Favorite Font Resources

My favorite font sites.
There are thousands of free and paid font sites on the Internet, so it can be time consuming to sift through all the junk sites to find some good quality font resources.  I've personally been to hundreds of these sites and I've narrowed the list down to just a few sites which I now use exclusively.  I'll share these sites with you.

Bonus #3: Max's Favorite Color Swatches

84 of my favorite color combinations.  Instead of just telling you which colors I like to use, I'll give you the actual color combinations in swatches.  You can open up these swatches in Photoshop, and use the color picker tool to choose the exact colors you want.

I really can't put a dollar amount value on these bonuses.  The value in these bonuses can better be measured in time saved.  I can tell you this, it would take you at least 10 hours to compile/create all these bonuses yourself. 

The 1ClickCovers package has everything you need to get started creating your own killer eCovers.

Okay, just to recap. With my package you will get...

1. The eCover Design Crash Course.

2. The Step-by-step easy to follow tutorials.

3. 40 eCover Action Scripts

Bonus #1: Max's eCover Graphics Swipe File

Bonus #2: Max's Favorite Font Resources

Bonus #3: Max's Favorite Color Swatches

"I love this package."


You did a great job with this package.  I can tell you put A LOT of time into this.  There's so much value in this package, I don't even know where to start.

I love how everything goes together nicely.  It's like it's all part of one system.  You start 'here', then you do 'this', then you do 'this' etc..  You paid attention to the smallest details.

All I can say is this package blows every other eCover software package away.

I love this package.

Thanks Max,"

Venkat Ramana

So, how much is this amazing package worth to you?

Remember, I've spent the last 2 years and hundreds and hundreds of hours perfecting my own eCover design skills to the point they are at today.

And now, I want to share all my experience with you.  So now, you don't have to learn everything the hard way.  You can skip the 100's of hours of trial and error, and take the ultimate shortcut to designing your own professional looking covers.

How much is that worth to you?  How much would you pay for the ability to create an unlimited number of covers whenever you please?  How much would you pay your designer to teach you all his secrets and show you exactly how to create covers just like he does, so that you never have to hire him again?

Not $247.00 Not $167.00

Get the full 1ClickCovers package
with all the bonuses today for just

$67 Only!

Just wanted to mention that I used to sell this package for $97, and it has already sold hundreds of copies at the higher price. The new version 2 is bigger, better, AND cheaper. I decided to lower the price to make it a truly no-branier deal for you. But I just might raise the price back to $97 at any time.

So if you want to make sure you get this package for this super low price of $67, you have to act fast and get this package right now while it's still fresh in your mind.

And you have absolutely nothing to lose
with my Risk Free Guarantee...

8 Week Full Satisfaction Guarantee

Take 8 full weeks to examine and use this entire 1ClickCovers package yourself risk free.  That's right.  You have 8 weeks to put the whole package to the test, and see for yourself just how simple it is to design your own great looking eCovers.  If you aren't satisfied for any reason, or if the package doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't be out one red cent.       Just send me an email, and I'll refund your  entire payment.

How does that sound?  As you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose.  There's no risk on your part.  The risk is entirely on me, and that's okay, because I'm 100% confident that you will absolutely love this package.

To order this package Risk Free, just click on the order button below, and you will be taken to our Secure Order Form where you can order using your Credit Card or PayPal...

Yes, I Want This Package Right Now!

P.S. If you're looking to create professional eBook covers yourself, THIS is the package for you.  It's the biggest, most thorough, easiest to use, highest quality 'do-it-yourself' eCover design package out there.

P.P.S. Just take a look at my portfolio of work.  Do you like my portfolio? 
I can teach you how to create covers that look just as good as mine.

P.P.P.S Even if you don't have any time this week/month to dedicate to this package, go ahead and order it now anyway, while the price is this low.  You have absolutely nothing to lose with my Risk Free Guarantee.

Please Note: This is a fully downloadable digital package and NOT a physical CD.   You will gain immediate access to this package, as soon as your order is approved.

Also Note: To use most of the components in this package you'll need Adobe Photoshop 6 or higher.  If you don't have Adobe Photoshop, I'll let you know where you can get a free trial copy of the latest version.