What People Are Saying
About 1 Click Covers

"The best ecover software on the market."

"Hi, Max!

I just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoy 1ClickCovers. I've tried other ecover compilers only to be sorely disappointed with the results. Your tutorials are outstanding, which made the learning process so much easier.

1ClickCovers is, hands down, the best ecover software on the market."

Kind regards,
Deborah Woehr

"Your product saved me at least
120 hours of my time..."


I wanted to thank you so much for the tremendous product you have here. I visited your site many times, but I didn't really believe the 1ClickCovers package was worth the asking price. I've seen so many small programs that are basically junk so I was skeptical at best, but you offered a Money Back Guarantee so I figured what the heck!

My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner. I have a BFA in Graphic design and I use the Adobe CS2 suite all the time. Illustrator and Photoshop are my primary tools and I was very happy that these scripts integrated perfectly, with CS2.

In fact that was one of the biggest selling points, for me. I've seen so many make these mini programs that run on their own, but they lack the power of Photoshop and your product.

I've seen the statement "I can do this without your product" and honestly it is true!. But for everyone out there that says that I say try, because I KNOW it would probably take me AT LEAST 2 weeks of testing, research and trial and error to get the same results that your product gives me - IN SECONDS! That is no joke and I've been using Photoshop for over 5 years.

As far as I'm concerned you have an absolute winner here! Your product saved me at least 120 hours of my time - you can't put a price on that!

Anyone that is on the fence with this product - take it from me, it is worth every last red cent - and more!"

Thanks again Max
Jason Archer, President

"I wish MORE products were sold with the quality & integrity that you produce!"


Hi! My name is Tony Pearl, and I just purchased your 1clickcovers product this past week. Wow! I've gotta say this is really, really AWESOME!

What I like about it is that you not only deliver an easy, high-quality product - a solution that will save me & people like me a TON of money designing our own ebook covers, but you also give PERFECT step-by-step instructions on how to do EVERYTHING! I mean - you could almost take the instructions themselves & sell them as a product - they're THAT good!

I wish MORE products were sold with the quality & integrity that you produce!

Thank you again for delivering such an excellent product! I'll be sure NOT to tell my competition, haha!"

Tony Pearl

"I had received everything
exactly as promised and more."

"I found 1click covers through a google search. I had never heard of Max before that and do not know him personally. I decided to write this cos I think credit should be given when its deserved and you may also find some impartial advice useful.

When I started to use Max's scripts and guidance I was delighted that I had received everything exactly as promised and more. In fact producing a professional ecover with Max's 1clickcovers turned out to be far simpler than I could have realistically hoped for. Overnight, I have acquired a major asset for my online business.

I honestly can't imagine why anyone with a need to produce smart looking ecovers wouldn't buy this - its brilliant!"

Glen Crosier, Brighton, UK

"...worth every penny I spent on it!"

"Hi Max

Just wanted to express my appreciation of your great ebook cover tool. I read your sales page with interest when I was looking to purchase an ebook creator. I hestitated for a while, as the product was a bit more expensive than other programmes.

The overwhelming positive comments from people you had worked with, convinced me that you were a seasoned professional and I bought the product on that basis.

Although it was a bit more expensive than other products; when I compared your images with theirs, there was no comparison to your superior quality.

I don't normally take the time to say thank you unless the product has been all and more than I hoped for!

I just wanted to personally thank you for an excellent tutorial with very clear and explicit instructions. I have just completed my first ebook cover and I can't believe how pleased I am with the results!

Thanks once again for an excellent product, which is worth every penny I spent on it!"

Best regards
Iain MacLeod

"Excellent tutorials."

"Thank you very much for you suggestion to download the free version of photoshop. I have already finished my first cover. Excellent tutorials. I couldn't have done anything with out it.

Very cool."

Jesse Webb
President and Founder
Orbis Advisors LLC

"...nothing but too AWESOME."

"Hello Max and everyone.

I'd like to openly tell everyone that this package is nothing but too AWESOME. I actually got another eCover product, but will be refunding it, as this rocks 1.6 million time more."

Thank you,
Andre Vas

"I can now make similar stunning covers like yours for my own ecover business."

"Hi Max,

This is great. Thanks for this offer. I can now make similar stunning covers like yours for my own ecover business.

I've sent you payment thru paypal and I look forward for the download links."

Anthony Fesalbon

"...absolutely awesome!"

"Hi Max,

I just got your 1clickcovers today. It is absolutely awesome! I have learned more in one day than I have in the past 2 years about doing ebook and box covers.

Anyway, thanks for this information. You have answered many questions that I have been trying to figure out. I really appreciate the actions as well. Much simpler than doing it the long way.

Regards, and Merry Christmas,"


"Thanks so much for making
available such a great tool!"

"Hi Max,

I just had to drop you a quick line to tell you how thrilled I am with this ClickCovers package. I built my first software cover box this morning and it took me less than half an hour on my first try.

Check it out if you like at

http://www.creditrepairpro.net. That cover box really makes my site shine now. I'm positive it will sell product like crazy!

Thanks so much for making available such a great tool!"

Brendon Turner, CEO

"...far and away the best I've used."

"Hi Max,

I bought your 1-Click-Covers package last week and I LOVE it! The tutorials are awesome -- I've bought other "do-it-yourself" cover programs in the past, and yours is far and away the best I've used.

You make me look like an artist -- even though I'm "all thumbs" when it comes to stuff like this. Thanks so much for putting this package together."

Diana Pemberton-Sikes

"Totally awesome and comprehensive package..."

"Thanks a lot Max. Totally awesome and comprehensive package you've got here. I admire your graphics very much. That says a lot because I have a college degree in graphic design."


"I've already learned a few new tricks."

"Thanks Max,

You've put together a nice package, I've already learned a few new tricks."


"Thanks loads for a great product!"

"You have done a great job, Max. Thanks loads for a great product!"

Greg Granger

"The crash course manual alone will make anyone an expert in Ecover design and techniques."


Just got the link and in the first 5 minutes I've realised what a great package this is. The crash course manual alone will make anyone an expert in Ecover design and techniques.

Thanks for an excellent package that I can only advise any Warrior who is interested in creating their own graphics to get hold of a copy.......

Just got hold of the domain AmazingCovers.Com as well to go along with the business idea.

You may have some competition shortly ;-)"


"I much prefer your actions..."

"Thanks Max, I much prefer your actions in photoshop over any of the cover software programs. I've tried a few and frankly they create very sloppy amateurish looking covers. As you know there are a cople other folks selling PS actions for covers, but your package offered the most."

aka, Bud Wiser

"...your software is absolutely killer!"

"Hi Max,

You know, there's a lot of garbage on the web. But your software is absolutely killer!

I have no photoshop knowledge and made a great cover in less than an hour after doing the tutorial. I even sold a cover the same day I started!

I was a little concerned about spending $97 bucks...but you know what...this should be $200.

Killer, killer, killer. Thank you!"

Best regards,
Jim Ptycia

"Best stuff I've bought on the net in some time."

"Dear Max,

I used your stuff a bit this weekend. Outstanding!

And ... I know nothing about photoshop yet was able to follow your instructions and action scripts in a simple, easy, and effective way. Thanks!

Best stuff I've bought on the net in some time."

Jim Van Wyck

"...this is absolutely good stuff..."

"All - this is absolutely good stuff - and I mean it too.


"What an awesome product you've created!"

"Hi Max,

I bought your 1clickcovers course a week or so ago, a little sceptical, but I have to say THANK YOU! What an awesome product you've created!

I've attached my very first ebook cover. I would have been happy to pay someone the same money to have them design this cover for me. But by doing it myself I'm now way in front. Any other cover I need in future, I can do myself for no cost at all. And I'm sure they're just going to get better and better as I get experience."

Thanks again,
Lance Beggs

"I am very pleased indeed with my purchase..."

"Hi Max

I have been having great fun playing with the different covers and watching the 3D effects happen - and I am already achieving some fantastic covers (I think so anyway!). I am very pleased indeed with my purchase - thank you!"

With best wishes,

"1ClickCovers totally rocks!"


1ClickCovers totally rocks!

Your last bit of advice really put me to a new level...
...and I owe it ALL to you and 1ClickCovers.

What a great buy. Thanks Max. You're the greatest!"

Sincerely (I mean really Sincerely),

"Works like a charm."

"Works like a charm. :-) Thanks again, Max."


"...one of my better investments."

"Hi again Max,

Please ignore my previous email, it was obviously a server problem at your end. I have subsequently been able to access the tutorial files, and I must say that you have put together one heck of a great program here.

I am a complete novice at designing covers but I have just worked through the 'master' tutorial (ok, I know I've done this out of order) but wow!!! this is just something else.

In the greater scheme of things this may well work out as one of my better investments."


"Love your 1ClickCovers!"

"Love your 1ClickCovers!

I've created several ebook covers and boxes with no problems at all. Your tutorials make it a breeze."

Mike Denison

"Great product..."

"Great product Max, I'm a complete novice with photoshop but now using 1clickcover it's so easy for me to create a good looking ecover in minutes!"

Best Regards
Neil Harvey

"Very good deal.
Don't hesitate to buy this package."

"I purchased the package from Max, and he sent me the download link quickly and it went very smoothly. I've been using action scripts for a long time in photoshop and these are top notch. I haven't had time to go through the other folders but I will make time soon. Very good deal. Don't hesitate to buy this package."

Pat Lovell

"It has certainly been a blessing to me."

"Hi Max,

Thank you so much for your product 1Clickcovers. It has certainly been a blessing to me. I created my first cover yesterday. I am attaching it so that you can see.

Thank you so much."

Rose Randolph

"First there was sliced-bread,
then 1 Click Cover Software."

Hi Max,

I was using "3D box Shot", a simple to use virtual cover creation program. I used this to create some 3D boxes and was pretty happy with the program. A recent computer crash and install of the program rendered it useless because it would not work with Nividia screen drivers.

I always wanted a solution that would offer more flexibility. I found it in your solution. As I'm familiar with PhotoShop, I was able to quickly understand your tutorials and created this book cover on the first try:


I honestly did not think that PhotoShop was needed for your software when I bought it. I think that the fact that it works with PhotoShop is a real bonus. Why? because now I can create very high-resolution covers, which are suitable for CYMK printing AND then from those files create graphics for the Web - I've killed two birds with one stone with your solution. I discovered this by accident, too.

First there was sliced-bread, then 1 Click Cover Software.

I was impressed with the tutorials. Can you tell me what you used to create them as we have been looking for something like this.

Thanks for a great product and wishing you success in your business endeavors!

Dan Titus
entrepreneur, author, musician

"...excellent program..."

"Hi Max,

I just wanted to thank you for putting together such an excellent program.......you have made it very easy for a rank novice like myself to create a reasonable Ebook cover. I'm sure, given time and practice, I'll be able to produce exactly what I want."

Sally E. Heron

"It was worth every penny."


I had to write you and tell you that 1 ClickCovers R O C K S !
I hardly even know how to use Photoshop and I already finished my first eBook cover. It Looks GREAT!


Great job, absolutely fantastic. It was worth every penny."

Tim Guba

"I saved hundreds of dollars
and hours of time."

"Hi Max,

Thanks for such a great product. I needed 20+ eBook and figured it was either going to cost me an arm and a leg to buy them or cost me hours and hours of hard work. It took me about an hour to do the first cover following the tutorial and figuring it out. However, once I had it down I was making covers in minutes just like you said. THANK YOU!!! I saved hundreds of dollars and hours of time."